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Clothes Dryer Safety

Dangerous heat, usually resulting from friction, can sometimes build up in your dryer. Regular maintenance can reduce the risk of a fire, smoke, or a CO hazard.

·  Always vent your dryer to the outside. Never vent into an attic space or wall.

·  Never leave home with your clothes dryer running.

·   Clean your lint screen(s) after every use.

·   Never dry rubber, foam, plastic, or other heavy synthetic products. They retain excessive heat.

·  Never operate a dryer without a clean lint filter present.

·  Remove accumulated lint from around the belts and drum on an annual basis. More frequent cleaning may be necessary depending on use.

·  Keep the dryer area clear of combustible material. Check behind the dryer frequently for items that may have fallen on the electrical cord or gas line, or blocked the dryers cooling vents.

·  Have gas dryers maintained regularly to ensure that the gas line, connections, and burner are in good condition and operating efficiently.

·  Gas dryers can create a CO hazard. Proper ventilation and efficient burner operation are essential.

Always remember – if an emergency should occur dial 9-1-1 as soon as you have safely removed yourself from the situation.