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Electrical Fire Hazards

Americans have become accustomed to the availability of electricity and the conveniences it makes possible. Hazardous situations involving electricity are often overlooked or not even considered. By following some simple safety tips and guidelines we can make our homes and businesses in Northwood safer places to work and live.

Clothes Dryer Safety

Dangerous heat, usually resulting from friction, can sometimes build up in your dryer. Regular maintenance can reduce the risk of a fire, smoke, or a CO hazard.

·  Always vent your dryer to the outside. Never vent into an attic space or wall.

·  Never leave home with your clothes dryer running.

Burning Wood Safely

Firing Your Stove

Some ash left over from the last fire can be desirable, since it acts as a heat reflector in the bottom of the stove.

Crumple a small amount of paper and place it in the fire chamber. Over the paper place kindling wood and a few pieces of small fuel wood. Be sure the damper is open, then light the paper. Once the wood begins to burn well and a good draft has been created, larger pieces of wood may be added.